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I have way too many blogs.

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I wore this ensemble while walking the dogs this afternoon. A man and his young daughter were out in their front yard, and as they saw me approach he said, "Here come some dogs! Hey, dogs. Hey... person."


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NaNoWriMo goes apace! This is the first year I've made it longer than two days. Hooray for a meaningless milestone.

I am still in boring lead-up phase. In tomorrow's 1700-word installment, something will happen to damage my protagonist's relatively comfortable little world. On Friday her mom will die, and on Saturday she will attempt to kill herself by going outside the fallout shelter without a gas mask, at which point she will discover that the virus that wiped out all the women twenty years ago is now gone or dormant and she is free to leave. Bum bum baaaaaaaaaaah!

Weirdly, I am really happy with what I've been writing, and I'm trying to keep myself from thinking about maybe trying to get it published when I'm done. That way lies madness.

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What's your favorite tip for great looking skin all over your body?

I get great looking skin all over my body by not using products, chemicals, cosmetics, or petroleum jelly. 

Oops! Sorry about that, Vaseline. 
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I've started outlining my post-apocalyptic NaNoWriMo novel. This will be the fifth year I've participated; maybe it will be the first year I finish? In preparation I have been listening to the audiobook of Justin Cronin's The Passage, and I watched The Road last night and really needed a drink afterward. I want to go see Never Let Me Go at the Moxie tomorrow night, not because it's post-apocalyptic per se, but because I want that kind of feel (and I like looking at Andrew Garfield). And I'm going to try to get down to Branson sometime in the next couple of weeks to tour the Table Rock Dam again, which has a big fallout shelter inside, which partially inspired my story.

Anyone else participating this year? Wanna be my accountability partner and we can nag each other to write every day? Actually reading/critiquing my stuff is not required, but if you want to I'll be happy to share. 

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I am slowly teaching myself to say no. I wish I had learned earlier. It's the most important skill, but no one tells you that when you're young. 
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Has your smartphone changed the way you interact with your bank? How so?

Hahahahahahahaha. Fuck you, Chase. I am bankless and happy. And fuck you, LiveJournal, for letting Chase sponsor a question. Neither one of you will ever get another dime from me.
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If not, send me a letter!

1314 N Sherman
Springfield, MO 65802

I will send one back, along with whatever doodads I pick up on my adventures.

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Charlie, age 4, to me, just after coming inside from playing in the yard: "So Hannah, how was your weekend?"

That pretty much sums up my new job. 

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1. It looks increasingly likely that we will be moving to Springfield, and that I will be going a month before Aaron to start renting the house with Ben and working at Domino's, where my old boss assured me he will make room for me as a driver. 

2. Whilst house-hunting in Springfield last weekend, I asked my mom if I could borrow her absurdly beautiful Kentucky mandolin, and she basically gave it to me.

3. Then I went and jammed with a dude who plays bottles and cans as percussion instruments, and looks like a gypsy, and we're totally on the same page as far as what we should do as a band and busking and the Springfield music scene and stuff like that.

4. Having called customer service to figure out what's happening with my refund request (processed on the 27th; six to eight weeks until the refund hits the credit card), I placed an order from B & H Photography for a used Nikon D60. It just shipped and should be here Friday.

5. Aaron has been talking with my Springfield friend Eryn (yes, referring to them together is really confusing), and is pretty definitely going to get a part-time job at the insurance-related web startup where Eryn is the CFO. 

6. I got my rock camp volunteer assignments and, as requested, I am leading Beginning Guitar and Zine-Making. 

These are the reasons I am indescribably happy right now. 
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