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1. It looks increasingly likely that we will be moving to…

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1. It looks increasingly likely that we will be moving to Springfield, and that I will be going a month before Aaron to start renting the house with Ben and working at Domino's, where my old boss assured me he will make room for me as a driver. 

2. Whilst house-hunting in Springfield last weekend, I asked my mom if I could borrow her absurdly beautiful Kentucky mandolin, and she basically gave it to me.

3. Then I went and jammed with a dude who plays bottles and cans as percussion instruments, and looks like a gypsy, and we're totally on the same page as far as what we should do as a band and busking and the Springfield music scene and stuff like that.

4. Having called customer service to figure out what's happening with my refund request (processed on the 27th; six to eight weeks until the refund hits the credit card), I placed an order from B & H Photography for a used Nikon D60. It just shipped and should be here Friday.

5. Aaron has been talking with my Springfield friend Eryn (yes, referring to them together is really confusing), and is pretty definitely going to get a part-time job at the insurance-related web startup where Eryn is the CFO. 

6. I got my rock camp volunteer assignments and, as requested, I am leading Beginning Guitar and Zine-Making. 

These are the reasons I am indescribably happy right now. 
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On June 3rd, 2010 01:27 am (UTC), misera commented:

Lots of awesomeness! Yay!
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